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- Once again you have ended up somewhere you didn't want to be, most likely caused by your bad sense of direction - It's just like that time we went to your sisters new house for dinner - You just HAD to take your "special shortcut" and we ended up lost for two hours wandering around dangerous neighborhoods with - who knows what - going on inside "those" houses, and we completely missed your sisters dinner - which was probably a good thing - considering how she cooks - And don't forget that trip we took to Yosemite in 96 - your so-called "scenic detour" was nothing but trees, trees, trees for hours and hours and the bathroom at the "rest stop"... and your Wonderful Half Dome was nothing but a BIG GRAY ROCK!
Or that time we flew my FiFi to the Mid-Western Association of Poodle Groomers Semi-Finals in Ames Iowa and the airline pilot said we had to alter our course because of "turbulance" which almost caused us to be late - I just know you put him up to it just to annoy me.

Or that other time you took the side road detour just because that workman with the flag and the hardhat told you the bridge was out. I told you to ignore him but nooo - mister "obey the rules" had to follow directions and we once again ended up driving through the bad part of town

Or last Presidents Day when you........











































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